Set List:

The Laughing Gnome (Year:  1967, Album:  Own release single)

Space Oddity (Year:  1969, Album:  Space Oddity)

The Man Who Sold the World (Year:  1970, Album:  The Man Who Sold the World)

Life on Mars (Year:  1971, Album:  Hunky Dory)

Changes (Year:  1971, Album:  Hunky Dory)

Queen Bitch (Year:  1971, Album:  Hunky Dory)

Oh, you Pretty Things! (Year:  1971, Album:  Hunky Dory)

Five Years (Year:  1972, Album:  The Rise and Fall… )

Rock ‘n’ Roll Suicide (Year:  1972, Album:  The Rise and Fall…)

Moonage Daydream (Year:  1972, Album:  The Rise and Fall…)

Suffragette City (Year:  1972, Album:  The Rise and Fall…)

Starman (Year:  1972, Album:  The Rise and Fall…)

Ziggy Stardust (Year:  1972, Album:  The Rise and Fall…)

Hang on to Yourself (Year:  1972, Album:  The Rise and Fall…)

Star (Year:  1972, Album:  The Rise and Fall…)

Lady Stardust (Year:  1972, Album:  The Rise and Fall…)

It Ain’t Easy (Year:  1972, Album:  The Rise and Fall…)

Soul Love (Year:  1972, Album:  The Rise and Fall…)

John, I’m Only Dancing (Year:  1972, Album:  Own release single)

All the Young Dudes (Year:  1972, Album:  Own release single)

Cracked Actor (Year:  1973, Album:  Aladdin Sane)

Drive in Saturday (Year:  1973, Album:  Aladdin Sane)

Jean Genie (Year:  1973, Album:  Aladdin Sane)

Lady Grinning Soul (Year:  1973, Album:  Aladdin Sane)

Panic in Detroit (Year:  1973, Album:  Aladdin Sane)

Rebel Rebel (Year:  1974, Album:  Diamond Dogs)

Diamond Dogs (Year:  1974, Album:  Diamond Dogs)

Fame (Year:  1975, Album:  Young Americans)

Young Americans (Year:  1975, Album:  Young Americans)

Wild is the Wind (Year:  1976, Album:  Station to Station)

Sound & Vision (Year:  1977, Album:  Low)

Heroes (Year:  1977, Album:  Heroes)

Fantastic Voyage (Year:  1979, Album:  Lodger)

Boys Keep Swinging (Year:  1979, Album:  Lodger)

Ashes to Ashes (Year:  1980, Album:  Scary Monsters and Super Creeps)

Under Pressure (Year:  1981, Album:  Own release single)

Let’s Dance (Year:  1983, Album:  Let’s Dance)

Criminal World (Year:  1983, Album:  Let’s Dance)

Modern Love (Year:  1983, Album:  Let’s Dance)

China Girl (Year:  1983, Album:  Let’s Dance)

Blue Jean (Year:  1984, Album:  Tonight)

Loving the Alien (Year:  1984, Album:  Tonight)

Absolute Beginners (Year:  1986, Album:  Motion Picture Sound Track)

I’m Afraid of Americans (Year:  1997, Album:  Earthling)

The Pretty Things are Going to Hell  (Year:  1999, Album:  Hours)

Everyone Says ‘Hi’ (Year:  2002, Album:  Heathen)

Slip Away (Year:  2002, Album:  Heathen)

New Killer Star (Year:  2003, Album:  Reality)

You Feel so Lonely you Could Die (Year:  2013, Album:  The Next Day)

Valentine’s Day (Year: 2013, Album: The Next Day)

Lazarus (Year:  2016, Album:  Blackstar)