Blog 28: Allan’s holidays, new songs and rehearsals in the pub

Hello to all our friends and supporters out there.

Having played at both The Bodega and Rock City earlier this year, we then played one or two more gigs before our fabulous drummer Allan, packed his suitcase for a near two-month trip with his son Ben to Southeast Asia. Whilst gigs were obviously out of the question during Al’s absence, the rest of us continued to rehearse and as an illustration of our dedication to the cause at one full rehearsal, Jane, Mel and Phil honed their vocal harmonies for Absolute Beginners (well when I say “full rehearsal” I actually mean an hour practising followed by a two hour stint in the pub!). They exhibited the fruits of their labours at the next rehearsal, and it sounded awesome!

We have also worked on some new songs of late, introducing both Criminal World and Diamond Dogs into our setlists and at the time of writing, we are currently working on The Pretty Things Are Going to Hell from the Hours album. As always, we have a number of songs on the back burner that we have played before and forgotten about or ones that we have on our watchlist to have a go at and it’s interesting to note that after more than five years together, we’re able to get a song ‘gig-ready’ much more quickly nowadays. In the early days and as we were all just getting used to each other, it seemed to take forever to work on a song, but as we are now so accustomed to each other and we have developed a very strong sixth musical sense between us, we seem able to be able to bring songs together more quickly.

It is very noticeable that live music and hospitality venues are continuing to face some extreme challenges. Now we are all having to endure rising living costs partly as a direct consequence of the tragic and utterly needless conflict in Eastern Europe, we’ve had a couple of gigs postponed due to low ticket sales, but we are continuing to seek gigging opportunities both locally and across the UK. On this note, we do have a couple of local, free entry gigs coming up, firstly at The Nabb Inn in Hucknall on the 7 May and then back at one of our favourites, The Lion in Basford. This one is on the 4 June.

It would be great to see you at either of these (or both, we don’t mind!) and let’s all try and pull the stops out to support our music venues as we hope for better times in the weeks and months ahead.

Alex, Jane, Mel, Al, Andrew & Phil