Blog 19: Spring Blog

It is some time since our last blog and like everyone else, we have been keeping out of harm’s way and looking forward to a time when life starts to get back to normal. Prior to the most recent tightening of restrictions, we were able to carry out some socially distanced rehearsals but when much of the UK found itself in Tier 4 at the end of December, naturally we had to stop. These few rehearsals did give us an opportunity to work on a couple of new songs and we had also talked about starting work on another five or six but as of now, we have made limited progress in this regard.

Given that 2021 was likely to see gigs returning in some way, shape or form and to try and keep our practice schedule moving along, we have been able to resort to technology as there are a number of software options out there that allow us to rehearse together from the comfort of our own homes. Now, Phil is not only our formidable bass player but also our resident gear-head. When we need to buy “things” (and probably even when we don’t!!), Phil loves to buy gear and as we needed all manner of interfaces and cables, Phil moved into over-drive to help get us sorted. We are fortunate that most of the band (i.e., everyone except Andrew!) are tech-savvy and after one or two initial teething problems, we are now happily rehearsing online every week with a view to returning to face-to-face rehearsals in April.

Outside of our band commitments, we all have our day-to-day jobs to do which keeps us fully occupied but we are very much looking forward to the time that we can get together again to rehearse, to see our friends and families as we would want to and to play the music we love. We hope to see you all soon.

Stay safe,

Alex, Jane, Mel, Allan, Andrew & Phil