Blog 18: Our Festive Blog             


2020 has certainly not proven to be the year that many of us had anticipated. Twelve months ago we were anticipating a busy year which would have seen us re-visiting many of our more regular venues across the UK, playing our inaugural gig in London and also returning to play in France. As the year began, we were continuing with our gigging plans and practicing new material plus we were also having to work through the older songs now that we had Alex and her trusty array of saxophones on board.

As we moved through the early part of the year, it was becoming increasingly obvious that Coronavirus was going to be far more serious than any of us thought it would be last Christmas and very soon, we were in full lockdown. Naturally and in keeping with most other bands, our activity levels dwindled to nothing and whilst there have been a few opportunities for us to get together to rehearse (at all times ensuring we adhere to the prevailing social distancing rules), we have lain pretty dormant these last few months. On a positive note, we have been able to work on some new songs and we’ll update on these soon.

We have been able to support a small number of charity events this year and for one of these, we recorded a version of Modern Love which saw video contributions from a number of our fans.  Mention must be made of Mel’s huge contribution to this project. The band recorded their various parts separately so this all needed pulling together and then Mel had to sync all of the individual video clips together, not only with each other but also to the music. Given the difficulties and obvious complexities of doing this, we were hugely pleased with the end result. You can check out the video here

Through the summer, we were delighted to lend our support to Nottingham Pride. Despite constant prompting from his long-suffering wife, Andrew thought he knew best and so decided to take one guitar to this recording. The only thing that is left to say here is to remind Andrew that guitar strings can and do break. Andrew (rather weakly) justified his decision to travel light on this occasion as it was a hot day. (“Lesson duly learned!” – Andrew). We have made a couple of appearances at Nottingham’s Oxjam Festival over the last few years and were pleased to be asked to do a live recording for this event. It was certainly an interesting experience sitting in a circle in a back garden on a warm summer’s evening being recorded with a 360 degree camera.

Towards the end of the summer, we performed a small outdoor gig but the weather gods certainly weren’t smiling on us that afternoon. The venue for this gig was Jane and Mel’s back garden and whilst we were undercover (largely), the rain came down with a vengeance on two or three occasions forcing us to stop. Rather soggily, we were able to complete our set after which all those who attended were treated to some outstanding hospitality courtesy of Jane and Mel.

So as we approach Christmas and the New Year, we are very much looking forward to getting back to playing once again and to catching up with the friends we have made over the last few years. In the meantime, we would like to wish to you all a Happy Christmas and New Year.

Stay safe,

Alex, Jane, Mel, Allan, Andrew & Phil

Miss Bowie Band