Blog 17: Past the Original Set – Lost but Not Forgotten

Since writing these blogs with the original set, we’ve worked on and added a fair few other songs! So we’re kind of a bit behind the trend on the blogs (we haven’t even got to anything about the sax really yet!) I promise (Jane) that we’ll release them a bit quicker so we can get up to speed on all the songs we do or have performed.

So, first this week, we’re going to look at a number of songs that we have done in the past but don’t really do any more or have been very fleetingly in the set and the reasons why!

Firstly, even though we talked about it, we actually don’t do Oh, You Pretty Things that much anymore. There’s quite a simple reason for that: Mel needs her guitar tuned down half a step and that often gets in the way of the rest of the set. So, when Alex joined, we didn’t rehearse this one with sax (I think, correct me if I’m wrong) but that means it hasn’t been brought back in. It’s actually one of my favourite songs so with the fact we hardly do 5 years anymore either, I don’t know why I’m not sulking right now!!!

Blue Jean is a song that dropped out of the set as we added more songs as a 5 piece. The main reason being that it was just lacking something with only the guitars, and I don’t think we were ever really happy with it. Also, although it’s a single, it’s not one of the best loved by the crowds. We have brought it back in and reworked it a bit with the sax and it is (as is everything) better with sax! So it could well make an appearance again in a full-length set. With so many wonderful songs to choose from, I can’t see it ever being used in a shorter festival set.

Now, You Feel so Lonely You Could Die is a different kettle of fish. I think the band all pretty much adore playing this song. I know I do and as it was an Andrew pick, I know he does. We’ve done versions of it live we have really been proud of, not least at the Bowie Event in Derby in 2019. This falls into the category of being “not as well known” and a bit darker and slower and, so, hard to fit into the set with too many other songs that fall into that category (especially now we do Lazarus a lot) but again, this is a song we have worked sax into and performed with Alex, so it will keep making appearances.

There’s then a group of three songs that we haven’t done since Alex joined and to have them back in the set, we would need to rework them. These are Fantastic Voyage, I’m Afraid of Americans, and Cracked Actor. All great songs, all very different, with the three of them it really comes again down to set balance and replacement by oher songs. Cracked actor, for example, replaced Suffragette City for a while but more recently we have switched back to the latter given that it seems to have greater universal appeal.

I’m afraid of Americans we played a few times but again it’s not particularly well known and also pretty heavy. I can bring you an exclusive from the rehearsal room though that this has been played recently! In rehearsal! Wow exciting… so when we do get back playing live for real, this may well come back… Vocally, though Jane needs a lot of work on it!

Next week we’re going to start looking at the songs that we’ve added since, and we’ll start with Lazarus and Slip away