Blog 14: Sorry for the Silence

So, like our daily collective lives, since the start of March in our case, things for Miss Bowie, including this blog, have suddenly, if not so unexpectedly, stopped. It wasn’t our intention, in at least as much as this blog was concerned. We had a few blog posts lined up; still going through the songs we have performed over the last 3 years, and in the world of social distancing, it is one thing we could have kept constant…so for that we are sorry, and we will resume normal blogging from this point onwards.

It is worth explaining why though. I feel that some explanation of what the global pandemic has meant to the band as a whole and to individual members is justified, before resuming a timely blog release, and hopefully of interest to those of you who have followed us and who we consider incredibly fortunate to have met through Bowie’s music. We miss you all terribly!

So, mid February was our last blog and it was in celebration of being together for 3 years. To mark this momentous occasion, we had also been busy going to the studio to record our version of Lazarus (watch it here and had just released that, with all the extra work that takes for the video editing, graphics etc. We had also been busy getting posters redesigned to include Alex, organising band shoots so we had some stuff with the 6 of us in, and (more importantly as  a live band) had loads of interesting shows lined up in the coming months that took a lot of time and effort to promote, as well as logistics to work out for travelling etc. Shows in Nottingham, Caudry in France, Leicester, London, Yorkshire amongst others, all of which we were very much looking forward to. We’d like to take the opportunity at this point to thank everyone involved in those venues and all the venues we’ve already played, for giving us the chance and having faith in us to put on a great show.

Then of course, very rapidly, everything changed. At the end of February we had a gig at the Dukeries in Worksop. A great venue to play, with a really nice stage, it was however not a very enjoyable gig for me (Jane) because I was already ill at this point, and duly had to dash off stage at the end to be sick. I hated that: not being “myself”, as it were, to talk to people afterwards as I normally do, and it certainly affects me that it’s the last gig we did before however long it will be to the next one.

The start of March was still full of promo with the Lazarus video and all the upcoming shows, putting things in place for gigs later in the year, but at the same time I was really exhausted and by the 15th of March both Mel and I had fallen ill with what we are 99.9 % certain was Covid 19. Now, I’d like to point out at this point that through all of this, I feel extremely lucky for many reasons: the band for us is not what we base our livelihood on, and I have the greatest sympathy for all musicians who depend on live music for a living (as well as all other people in the gig economy), I have a nice home and a job that is secure, which meant convalescing through the virus was a lot less stressful than for a lot of people, in the grand scheme of things, we didn’t get it that bad and have been able to pace ourselves out of it, and although many of my family have had it (and there’s a few positive tests in there as family had access to the earlier tests as NHS workers) no-one, so far has had it really seriously. With all that said, this period was still a hard situation to cope with. It’s really affected my ability to sing, and I am only just daring to get back to that this week (more on that in a little while). On top of the exhaustion I had before falling ill and the fact that all the stuff you spend a lot of time prepping just falls by the wayside, the frustration of not being able to sing has meant I have needed to disengage on many levels, from anything to do with the band and music, and coupled with an extremely busy work period, has meant everything got dropped, even the blog…which I actually just totally forgot about until Andrew mentioned it last week!

Just as importantly in this period between Mel and I being ill and recovering, Phil has also been ill with what they told him on 111 (and again, given the symptoms is very certain) was Covid 19. Again, very luckily he has recovered well from it but we needed to give him some time to get over it throughout April.

Just as importantly as well, everyone else in the group has faced challenges of busy and stressful work periods, navigating the situation with the businesses they own, home-schooling of children, things many people out there have had to cope with through this time. 

So, the hiatus kind of organically happened. We have been very quiet on social media, for the reasons stated above and also because, for me personally, there is no merit in doing much that is not as a band as a whole; we have stayed away from the FB live route even though we could feasibly have done something with Mel and me from home.

However, now has just naturally felt like a good time to regroup, and to look forward to what we can do. With the imposed break, there’s new energy and desire to see what we can do technically together from isolation, restarting the blogs but also collaborating to put together some music for some of the online festivals and for you guys to listen to. We all miss rehearsing and gigs like crazy, and we all miss going out for meals and having the odd beer (or bottle of whiskey hey Andrew? :D) together, just as everyone else must in their respective isolation situations… so watch this space, we’ve ordered the equipment we need to get something really decent down from people’s homes and we have the energy again for the time it takes to edit stuff properly, AND hopefully the voice is there (testing with scratch vocals today -eeeeek). We’ve chosen to start with modern love. It’s something we’ve done live now I think 3 times, and we were enjoying it so very much. I think a good romp of a song is the way to go in the current climate.

Thank you so much to that genius of a man for giving us this song as well as the thousands of others… we’ll keep you posted when something is ready and we’ll resume with the normal blogs next week. Love on ya!