Blog 13: Drums and Bums – It’s All About the Rear


If you couldn’t tell from the title, this blog entry has been written by our drummer Allan from his unique perspective!

I love playing the drums. I don’t really know why to be honest. It’s definitely not because I get to stare at gorgeous looking derrieres all night!

It might be something extraordinarily primeval, which goes to the core of why those of us who love our music feel it so powerfully. Or it might be because I was so crap and uncomfortable with a guitar in hand. And the recorder and clarinet at school both seemed naff and when my brother bought me a mouth organ for my 21st birthday and I attempted some tuneful cacophony he laughed so hard I thought I’d better stick to football. 

Being a late starter in my so called ‘mid-life crisis’ years I only really started playing on a bit of a whim and to support my kids with their musical aspirations. Joe my eldest developed into a lead guitarist of some skill and added screaming vocals by the time he formed his first bands in his mid-teens. And Ben my youngest had my passion for drumming and himself is now a skilful player who hopefully will continue to enjoy it and maybe join bands and play live one day.

I posted that now infamous Ad almost 3 years ago looking for fellow Bowie lovers to join me to play once a week or so in a rehearsal room somewhere simply to enjoy playing the Starman’s music. Little did I know I would meet Mr Bass, the cool father of the band the charming and unrufflable Phil, the funny and lovable Andrew who unbelievably had been only a bedroom guitarist for 30 plus years before joining us to finally release his massive talent onto the unsuspecting public. The engine and energy of the Band, Miss Bowie, the voice, the actor, the performer extraordinaire Jane, so proud of how she has grown through this journey into a super talented front man, person, woman whatever I should call it and the amazingly multi-talented, youthful and beautiful Mel with her stunning supporting vocals, RIFF playing and sound engineering skills. 

Plus the chickens, our loyal supportive families who are never far away from the front of the stage or merchandising table, love ya Bob, Theresa, Jo and Cathy.

Wow I’m giving myself goose bumps. A cliché I know, but we have formed a new family. We meet regularly, disagree often, fight occasionally and genuinely love what we do together. We often hear people say that comes across strongly when we play. It’s an amazing chemistry of love and energy and makes me very proud of what we have all achieved and how it has added to all our lives. 

Almost 3 years on, masses of gigs and memories already made, here’s to the next 3 years and lots more fun and friendships made. So, if you come along to a gig, come and say hello. Its what it’s all about. Here’s to more wonderful memories.